Thursday, 14 August 2014

Shaheed Abdul Malek: In Pictures

Picture: The auditorium where Shaheed Abdul Malek expressed his views on Islamic system of Education (13th August, 1969)

Picture: Shaheed Abdul Malek being attacked at Sohrawardi Uddyan on 12th august, 1969 by secular and communist students after his speech at Dhaka University campus

Picture: Shaheed Abdul Malek being attacked by secular and communist student cadres at Sohrawardy Uddyan, 12 August, 1969 (Pakistan Observer, 13th August, 1969)

Picture: Shaheed Abdul Malek passed away due to critical injuries on 15th August, 1969

 Picture: The funeral procession carrying the body of Shaheed Abdul Malek (Dainik Azad, 16th August, 1969)

Picture: First Namaaz-e-Janaaza of Shaheed Abdul Malek at Dhaka University Campus on 15 August, 1969 (Dainik Ittefaq, 17 August, 1969)

Picture: Spot where Shaheed abdul Malek was critically attacked at Sohrawardy Uddyanon August 15, 1969

 Picture: Newspaper cutting showing Sheikh Mujibur Rahman expressing condolences at death of Shaheed Abdul Malek (Dainik Sangbad, 17th August, 1969)

Picture: Register book copy of Biochemistry Department Dhaka University session 1965-1966. Mohammad Abdul Malek is right on top of the list.

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